Federal Trademark List

Recently Issued Federal Trademarks Filed by Smith & Hopen, P.A.
DVRYL1/9/2018Eastern Vision Limitedvitamin and mineral supplements
GDS diamond logo1/9/2018Gold & Diamond Source, Inc.jewelry
Design Logo12/26/2017Bridgespan, Inc.tax preparation, accounting, payroll bookkeeping, financial services, namely, wealth management services
Power Symbol Logo11/28/2017Sio Green Inc.water heaters; tankless water heaters
SIO GREEN11/21/2017Sio Green Inc.water heaters; tankless water heaters
VETWELL10/24/2017Pet Healthbox, LLCnon-medicated grooming preparations for animals, namely, shampoos, conditioners, and ear rinse, dietary supplements for pets; vitamins for pets; herbal supplements for pets; mineral supplements for pets; medicated grooming preparations for pets, namely, shampoos, sprays, pre-moistened wipes, and water-based solutions for treating animal skin conditions, pharmaceutical preparations for animal skincare, edible dog treats, edible cat treats
4INCENTIVE10/24/20174Incentive Inc.incentive award programs to promote the sale of products and services of others
ECO POD10/17/2017AquaChemPacs, LLCcleaning preparations
FRESH KITCHEN BY ROBERT IRVINE10/17/2017Irvine Holdings, LLCrestaurant services
RELAXITROL10/10/2017IQ Formulations, LLCnutritional supplements
GOTHAM10/3/2017Gotham Gym I, LLChooded sweatshirts; t-shirts
SEMINOLE 1009/19/2017Florida State Universityproviding recognition and incentives by the way of awards to demonstrate excellence in the field of business
WE GET YOU TO THE SOLD SIGN SOONER9/12/2017McBride Kelly & Associates, LLCreal estate sales management
IT'S GAIN DAY9/12/2017Snapbac, LLCcompression garment for athletic or other non-medical use, namely, compression socks, stockings, leggings, jerseys, vests, trousers, shorts, and sleeves, each of the foregoing having removable thermal elements that are sold as a component with the garments
BASIC ELEMENTS NUTRITION9/12/2017IQ Formulations, LLCnutritional supplements
Butterfly Silhouette8/15/2017The Children's Home, Inc.counseling in the field of developing, strengthening and sustaining well-balanced families and family relationships; foster care; providing emotional counseling and emotional support services for troubled and at-risk youth and their families
WEST FLORIDA FLAMES8/15/2017West Florida Premier Soccer Club, Inc.sports training services in the field of soccer
FARM STAR8/1/2017Naiz Trading House, LLCfresh fruit and vegetables
Stylized Letter S7/18/2017The Pelvic Floor Institute, LLChealthcare
Shield Design7/18/2017K9 Partners for Patriots, Inc.charitable services, namely, training service dogs for veterans
Ring Design7/18/2017K9 Partners for Patriots, Inc.charitable services, namely, training service dogs for veterans
K-9 PARTNERS FOR PATRIOTS7/18/2017K9 Partners for Patriots, Inc.charitable services, namely, training service dogs for veterans
EZ-DERM7/18/2017Stratford Pharmaceuticals, LLCnutritional supplements for pets; nutritional supplements in the nature of nutritionally fortified soft chews for pets
SIMPLY JULIE CAJUN GIRL7/11/2017Simply Julie, LLCseasonings and spices
INCREDI-BULL7/11/2017University of South Floridaquality management services, namely, quality evaluation and analysis, quality assurance, and quality control in the field of educational courses at the university level

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