Federal Trademark List

Recently Issued Federal Trademarks Filed by Smith & Hopen, P.A.
Bull Design Logo8/13/2019University of South Floridaclothing, namely, sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks, ties, polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, uniforms, hats, jackets and coats
CHLORWELL8/6/2019Holden2, LLCmedicated shampoos, sprays and pre-moistened wipes for treating animal skin infections, irritations and conditions
SEASICK8/6/2019Seasick Gear, LLChats and shirts
FRIENDS OF FRANK7/30/2019Florida Southern Collegecharitable fundraising
PREFERRED EXPEDITED PAYMENTS7/23/2019VPay, Inc.electronic processing of insurance claims and payment data
LOVE AND LAUNCH7/16/2019Love and Launch, LLCadvertising, marketing and promotion services
LABEL SWAP7/9/2019Label Swap Holdings, LLCretail consignment stores featuring clothing and fashion accessories
AMERICAN DREAM CPA7/9/2019AMERICAN DREAM CPAtax and taxation planning, advice, information and consultancy services; tax preparation; accounting services; bookkeeping; payroll preparation; business consultancy and advisory services
Design Logo6/18/2019BFUS LLCrestaurant services featuring smoothies, fruit salads, and fresh fruit
COCONUT CREEK6/11/2019Florida Hat Company LLCbeanies; hats
BAVARO'S6/11/2019Bavaro Holdings, LLCrestaurant services
VOLMATS6/11/2019Eastern Vision Limitedon-line retail store services featuring a wide variety of consumer goods of others
BLUE PINES6/11/2019Pet Healthbox, LLCdog food, pet food, edible dog treats
Design Logo5/28/2019Snapbac, LLCcompression garments for athletic or other non-medical use, namely, compression socks, stockings, leggings, jerseys, vests, trousers, shorts, and elbow sleeves having removable thermal elements
GANCHO WINE CO.5/28/2019Naiz Trading House LLCwine from Chile
GANCHO WINE CO.5/14/2019Naiz Trading House LLCwines
EATANDLEARN.ORG5/14/2019Eat and Learn, LLCpaper plates
BORN TO IMPACT5/14/2019Conversionology Media, Inc.entertainment services, namely, providing podcasts in the field of leadership and entrepreneurship; providing on-line newsletters in the field of leadership and entrepreneurship
NETFISH & CHILL5/7/2019NetFish & Chill, Inc.clothing, namely, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, hats, jackets, and pants
INNOVATIVE FOODSERVICE5/7/2019Louis Wohl & Sons, Inc.interior design services, namely, foodservice and hospitality planning and design
FRUTERA5/7/2019BFUS LLCrestaurant services featuring smoothies, fruit salads, and fresh fruit
CHEF'S WAREHOUSE4/30/2019Louis Wohl & Sons, Inc.distributorship services in the field of foodservice equipment and supplies; Providing showrooms for the goods of others in the field of restaurant and foodservice equipment and supplies
FRUTERA4/30/2019BFUS LLCrestaurant services featuring smoothies, fruit salads, and fresh fruit
Bull's Head Logo4/23/2019University of South Floridabeer and soft drinks
USF4/23/2019University of South Floridabeer and soft drinks

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