Federal Trademark List

Recently Issued Federal Trademarks Filed by Smith & Hopen, P.A.
SOUTHERN MUSCLE6/12/2018A & CJP Southern Muscle Nutrition LLCclothing, namely, shirts, sweatshirts, tank-tops, and headbands
MOMMY PLEASE6/12/2018Her Pow, LLCtoys, namely, plastic food and children's play cosmetics
REINVENTING THE TACO6/12/2018Pineapple Hospitality Group, LLCrestaurant, bar and catering services
SIMPLE SUPPRESSOR6/5/2018DBdrop Inc.Ammunition for firearms; Firearm attachments, namely, mounts for attaching accessories to a firearm; Firearms; Silencers for firearms
MY SOCIAL SPA6/5/2018Neo Ventures LLCArranging, organizing, and conducting social entertainment events; instruction in the field of creating, crafting, and designing bath and beauty products
CRE TRAINING PRO5/29/2018CRE Training Pro, LLCeducational services, namely, providing classes in the field of commercial real estate sales
FIT CRUNCH5/22/2018Pervine Foods, LLCpowdered protein supplements
THE MEDICARE LADY5/8/2018Darlene Swaffarinsurance services, namely, insurance eligibility review and verification and consultation in the heath insurance industry
THE MOVEMENT SCHOOL5/1/2018Scott Maloneeducational services, namely, conducting classes, seminars, and workshops in the field of physical development including movement training to enhance cognition and performance of basic life functions
THE HITTING ACADEMY4/24/2018The Hitting Academy Franchise, LLCproviding baseball and softball-related training services, namely, baseball and softball lessons, batting cage training, instructional clinics in the field of baseball and softball, and organizing baseball and softball teams, namely, organizing sporting events in the national of baseball games
DRIVETRAX4/17/2018Iler Group, Inc.vehicle fleet monitoring services for safety purposes; Providing an on-line database and information clearinghouse for transportation companies and their fleet drivers to report instances of driver misconduct or poor driving, and for sharing of and follow-up on by interested parties
HECM FOR PURCHASE CERTIFIED4/10/2018Reverse Mortgage Funding LLCmortgage and banking services, namely, home equity conversion mortgage for purchase services
FLORIDA POLY4/10/2018Florida Polytechnic Universityclothing, namely, blouses, bottoms, head wraps, hoods, infant and toddler one pieces, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, ties and tops
FLORIDA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY4/10/2018Florida Polytechnic Universityclothing, namely, blouses, bottoms, head wraps, hoods, infant and toddler one pieces, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, ties and tops
MAUSOTRAY4/3/2018VKM International, Inc.plastic containers specially adapted for transporting caskets formed of a polymer material; protective plastic trays specially adapted for caskets formed of a polymer material; plastic trays specially adapted for caskets for protecting the base of a casket formed of a polymer material; plastic trays specially adapted for caskets for collecting fluids seeping from a casket
ROGHNU4/3/2018Roghnu, Inc.information technology consulting services
"B' Logo3/20/2018The American Institute of Balance, Inc.continuing medical education courses and workshops in the field of dizziness and balance disorders
NATURE POD3/13/2018AquaChemPacs, LLCwater-soluble packets containing multi-purpose cleaners
PRECOVERY2/27/2018Snapbac, LLCcompression garments for athletic or other non-medical use, namely, compression socks, stockings, leggings, jerseys, vests, trousers, shorts, elbow sleeves, and body sleeves, each of the foregoing having removable thermal elements that are sold as a component with the garment
SAFEPRISON2/27/2018Safe Prison, LLCpersonal coaching services in the field of self-defense, linguistics, prison integration, behavioral reconditioning, and asset management
JACK PACS2/27/2018Jack's Magic Products, Inc.chemical agents for chelating and sequestering
DRESS THE POPULATION BRIDAL2/20/2018Frank & Adam Apparel, LLCdresses
SECUREMENU2/6/2018StoneEagle Services, Inc.computer application software for desktop computers and portable computing tablets, namely, software for sales presentations and transaction reporting of automobile finance and insured products
TARA MARIE1/23/2018Tara Marie, Inc.entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable online videos, webcasts and podcasts in the field of fitness, health and wellness
DVRYL1/9/2018Eastern Vision Limitedvitamin and mineral supplements

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