Subject Matter Conflicts and Restrictions on Practice

Subject Matter

Due to our representation of government agencies, universities, publicly traded companies and research centers we decline representation for matters involving: 

  1. adult entertainment industry;
  2. tobacco products;
  3. non-military weapons;
  4. combat sports; or
  5. any other industry adverse to the mission or objectives of our current clients.

Restrictions on Practice

We only practice intellectual property law which includes:

  1. patents;
  2. trademarks;
  3. copyrights; and
  4. trade secrets.

Ancillary to these are licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements and evaluation of IP assets for merges and aquisitions.  Our practice is focused on intellectual property and we do not engage in areas of the law outside our core competency. 

Corporate Entities

It has been our experience that patents and trademarks are virtually always best owned by a corporate entity.  Therefore we strongly encourage and sometimes require our clients to be a corporation.  Corporate formation is easy, relatively inexpensive and offers a host of legal and tax) advantages.


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