Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
9948646 a machine type communication interworking function proxy
9948171 a positive displacement inductive pump
9943175 an infant support device
9946952 a multi-source, multi-scale counting in dense crowd images
9924344 a method for providing roaming services in which the home network uses S8HR model for out-bound roaming while the visited network uses LBO model for in-bound roaming
9916927 thin insulation coatings by sol-gel method
9901374 a laparoscopic tool with obturator
9895261 a device and method for treating retinal detachment
9896668 a substrate-mimetic AKT inhibitor
9893633 a modular multilevel DC-DC converter and associated method of use
9891017 a firearm suppressor adapter
9889221 enhancement of photocatalytic effect with surface roughness in photocatalytic reactors
9888951 a device for repairing a bone fracture
9885018 high efficiency reprogramming of fibroblasts into cardiomyocytes
9877547 a decorative shoe clasp
9877739 a power morcellation in a protected environment
9867827 methods for formulations for topical treatment of psoriasis
9869108 a utility or meter pole top reinforcement method and apparatus
9867915 percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy tube for optimized gastric sumping
9861380 minimally invasive laparoscopic tissue removal device

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