Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
10220025 self-emulsifying formulation of CARP-1 functional mimetics
10225275 a method for computationally detecting anomalies of digital device behavior on a communications network
10222113 a solar adiabatic cooling apparatus
10223777 selective modification of visual output displayed by cancelling an initial modification effect
10225278 a method of assessing real-time security of sequenced packet exchange (SPX) network connection
10215769 a Multi-Fluid Jet Nozzle for Sensor Calibration
10212600 a contextual signaling system 7 (SS7) firewall and associated method of use
10207617 a reduced-impact-and-recoil headrest
10210719 automated geospatial security alarm routing
10197706 a system and method for sub-seasonal forecasts of extreme weather events in winter
10200344 a GTP firewall for 3G GSM, 4G LTE and interoperability between 3G and 4G signaling data
10200852 a method and system of enabling roaming services in a data-only network to a user equipment requiring a dual attachment to packet and circuit switched networks
10196612 a method of characterizing and manipulating adipose stem cell depots to a metabolically healthy state
10196269 manufacturing of macroscopic nanomaterials using fluid under elevated temperature and pressure
10198402 a magnetic coprocessor and method of use
10190805 an easy-opening solar collector having temperature-responsive mount for polymer absorber
10188400 an intraluminal occluding catheter
10190839 a firearm barrel alignment guide
10182871 systems and methods for intra-operative image acquisition and calibration
10186392 ultrafast electromechanical disconnect switch

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