Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
10039785 HUCBC treatment of amyloid-associated disease
10039967 a soccer training apparatus and method
10034642 a wheel alignment guide for medical equipment and method of use
10032349 an anti-theft device for monitoring a universal serial bus type C connector
10032256 a system and method for image processing using automatically estimated tuning parameters
10025952 an obfuscation of sensitive human-perceptual output
10021738 a method of providing data, voice, and SMS services to LTE subscribers roaming in 2G/3G visited networks
10017933 a linear drain having adjustable length
10013797 analysis-suitable geometry from discrete point sets using a mesh-free method
10008669 an organic photovoltaic array and method of manufacture
10006196 a shape-morphing space frame apparatus using linear bistable elements
10000531 gamma-AA-peptide STAT3/DNA inhibitors and methods of use
10001900 a screen reader with customizable web page output
10001410 quantitative elemental profiling in optical emission spectroscopy
9987749 a control interface for robotic humanoid avatar system and related methods
9989078 a swirling jet actuator for control of separated and mixing flow
9983209 a method of diagnosing, treating and determining progression and survival of cancer cells using BCL-2 antagonist of cell death (BAD) pathway gene signature
9981126 a system and method for controlling the surface charge of a region of tissue
9981461 a storage vessel for compressed fluids
9980853 a non-invasive device for lowering intraocular pressure

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