Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
10119286 a wave propagation apparatus
10121212 a system and method for transportation demand management
10116159 family of isolated battery energy storage system (BESS) with multiple functions for DC grid application
10115276 a portable security surveillance device
10104895 compositions and methods for improving plant health
10105419 dietary supplements and formulations
10101596 eye patch attachable to glasses
10104310 geospatial security monitoring asset association
10086166 a demand gas flow valve apparatus
10085424 a self-containing, retractable leash and collar/harness assembly
10084103 electric field tuning of PBS quantum dots for high efficiency solar cells application
10080725 antibacterial s-heterosubstituted disulfides
10082354 a firearm suppressor adapter for barrels having obstruction
10083629 a synthetic vaginal cuff model and method of simulating vaginal cuff closure
10081035 a directional atomizer system for cleaning chandeliers
10074530 a carbon nanotube anchor for mass spectrometer
10073440 a method for the design and manufacture of composites having tunable physical properties
10072307 isolation of viruses using anionic resin beads
10074250 an anti-theft device for monitoring connection between a male plug and a female receptacle
10065698 a universal motorcycle storage case mounting assembly

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