Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
10285935 a non-invasive method for direct delivery of therapeutics to the spinal cord in the treatment of spinal cord pathology
10291613 mobile device authentication
10292190 a method of selecting and interconnecting distributed packet core nodes
10287000 a hybrid lighter-than-air vehicle
10280606 a non-leaking toilet
10280580 an anti-corrosion structure anchor
10283871 a reconfigurable antenna array and associated method of use
10271996 a device for an eversion assist of inverted nipples
10277576 diameter end-to-end security with multiway handshake
10273442 a device and method for concomitant ejection and suction of perfusate
10274279 firearm suppressor adapter for firearm rails
10277586 mobile authentication with URL-redirect
10264409 a virtual dynamic pool of SIM-based devices
10258852 a garage storage net
10263456 an integrated three-port bidirectional DC-DC converter for renewable energy sources
10258607 a method of increasing intratumoral PHE and reducing acid-mediated invasion
10253208 Cutin-Like Materials with Advanced Functionalities and Methods of Manufacture
10257693 a System and Method for Virtual Global Title Translation Service
10252304 a Soil and Water Contamination Remediation Injector and Method of Use
10251955 a Heparin-mimicking sulfonated reverse thermal gel for the delivery of heparin-binding therapeutic proteins

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