Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
10463747 a method for developing a vaccine using peptide-poly IC complexes
10458663 AC cage - anti-theft device
10462683 connectivity apparatus for remote cell tower integration
10448770 a bag clamp
10451726 precise infrastructure mapping using full-waveform inversion of ground penetrating radar signals
10448771 a bag clamp
10445735 virtual payment card fraud detection
10433914 systems and methods for intra-operative image analysis
10440528 a system and method for determining conversion rate for short message service (SMS) messaging
10432583 a routing agent platform with a 3-tier architecture for diameter communication protocol in IP networks
10428366 a collagenase assay
10423823 unconstrained ear recognition using a combination of deep learning and handcrafted features
10417316 emphasizing a portion of the visible content elements of a markup language document
10405754 standardized oral health assessment and scoring using digital imaging
10412049 traffic rerouting and filtering in packet core networks
10407133 a freestanding adjustable recreational canopy
10408731 a high efficiency particulate air filter test system and method
10411819 a system and method for adaptive OFDM guards
10400117 ionizing radiation resistant coatings
10401296 horizontally-scalable microcavity-enhanced raman scattering integrated platform for multigas chemical analysis

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