Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
9783977 a shape-morphing space frame apparatus using unit cell bistable elements
9785623 identifying a set of related visible content elements in a markup language document
9783978 a shape-morphing space frame apparatus using linear bistable elements
9782145 an electronic catheter stethoscope
9775764 a rear chain stretcher
9780434 a flexible antenna and method of manufacture
9775629 an apparatus for osteotomy and graft preparation
9780608 a high efficiency permanent magnet machine
9776895 a cactus mucilage and ferric ions for the removal of arsenate (AS(V)) from water
9770513 a method of developing a vaccine using peptide-poly IC complexes
9755354 a cord management device
9756413 a cabled device storage organizer
9750727 a tuberculosis drug based on 4-thioureido-iminomethylpyridinium perchlorate: method of preparation and treatment
9750753 a method of treating diseases associated with LRRK2 mutation using hexachlorophene
9752763 a weatherproof light string
9743823 a minimally invasive networked surgical system and method
9748863 a system and method for leakage current suppression in a low switching frequency photovoltaic cascaded multilevel inverter
9744104 a multi-lobed cooled teething device
9749904 a circuit switch voice roaming to LTE network

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