Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
9867827 methods for formulations for topical treatment of psoriasis
9869108 a utility or meter pole top reinforcement method and apparatus
9867915 percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy tube for optimized gastric sumping
9861380 minimally invasive laparoscopic tissue removal device
9863687 a self-heating apparatus and method of customizing a time-temperature profile thereof
9860473 an electronic monitoring security device synchronization
9859018 a physically unclonable function based on domain wall memory and method of use
9844519 a method of treating TDP-43 proteinopathies using hexachlorophene
9839718 intracorporal ultra high purity calcium sulfate cast mixed with antimicrobials for the treatment of penile implant infections
9838104 a system and method for fast compression and OFDM channel state information (CSI) based on constant frequency sinusoidal approximation
9834896 an elongate pipe-based support structure
9830788 an anti-theft device for monitoring a universal serial bus type C connector
9828257 a waste water evaporator
9831800 a self-balanced modulation and magnetic rebalancing method for parallel multilevel inverters
9831429 a method of manufacture for a partially-sprayed layer organic solar photovoltaic cell
9826541 a system and method for user-specific quality of service scheduling in wireless systems
9822359 a method of treating neurological disorders using long non-coding RNAs
9818313 custom summary views for screen reader
9818517 a shrink tube insulation apparatus
9808041 a cap or similar headwear having luminous means incorporated in the decorative and/or in the promotional elements

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