Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
9987749 a control interface for robotic humanoid avatar system and related methods
9989078 a swirling jet actuator for control of separated and mixing flow
9983209 a method of diagnosing, treating and determining progression and survival of cancer cells using BCL-2 antagonist of cell death (BAD) pathway gene signature
9981126 a system and method for controlling the surface charge of a region of tissue
9981461 a storage vessel for compressed fluids
9980853 a non-invasive device for lowering intraocular pressure
9976068 a method of modulated exothermic chemical systems through phase change materials
9977026 detection of elevated levels of phosphorylated MCM and method of increasing MCM phosphorylation capacity
9976343 a storm shutter bracket and attachment system
9968378 an adaptation sphere saddle
9968948 a counter-flow ore separator
9968557 a method of preparing modified multilayered microstructures with enhanced oral bioavailability
9962112 medical systems and methods of use
9966167 a superconducting joint for high-temperature superconducting BI2SR2CACU2O8+X (BI-2212) wire
9962426 reelin rescues cognitive function
9956267 a method of treating skeletal dysplasias using vessel dilator
9958362 a microscope sample preparation device
9950653 a seat suspension system
9948646 a machine type communication interworking function proxy
9948171 a positive displacement inductive pump

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