Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
9730679 a device for sterile uterine sampling and drug delivery
9729994 a system and method for listener controlled beamforming
9717217 a small animal restraining harness or jacket
9722180 a mask-stack-shift method to fabricate organic solar array by spray
9720599 a magnetic coprocessor and method of use
9715760 analysis-suitable geometry from discrete point sets using a mesh-free method
9716999 a method of and system for utilizing a first network authentication result for a second network
9708728 growth of metal oxide single crystals from alkaline-earth metal fluxes
9700628 a heparin-mimicking sulfonated reverse thermal gel for the delivery of heparin-binding therapeutic proteins
9700259 a rapid custom intra-articular ligament reconstruction guide
9700900 a counter-flow ore separator
9704415 a dynamic auto-advance feature for refreshable braille displays
9691167 systems, apparatus and methods for collecting and storing raw scan data and software for performing data processing, image reconstruction and interpretation
9690784 a culturally adaptive avatar simulator
9682492 a lock miter set-up jig
9675577 compositions and method for producing elevated and sustained ketosis
9679539 real-time presentation of geolocated entitites for emergenc response
9662524 a golf training apparatus
9665796 a system and method for visual correlation of digital images
9662683 a hand-held tank for cleaning chandeliers

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