Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Issue DateAssigneeMemo
10179146 compositions and methods for mitigating drug resistant bacteria
10172838 a self-emulsifying formulation of CARP-1 functional mimetics
10172952 compounds for adhesion treatment and prevention, compound-related pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of adhesions
10172867 afobazole nanoparticles formulation for enhanced therapeutics
10166528 ammonia removal in freshwater and saltwater systems
10167196 a method of conversion of red phosphorous to soluble polyphosphides
10160517 a watercraft hull with angled keels
10161704 a firearm adapter configured to mount to a firearm frame
10157462 a system and method for image-based quantification of white and brown adipose tissue at the whole-body, organ and body-region levels
10155147 a baseball training apparatus
10138143 a system for removing ammonia from a freshwater environment
10140825 an anti-theft device for monitoring a universal serial bus type C connector
10136825 a long-term implantable silicon carbide neural interface device using the electrical field effect
10130683 a combination therapy of stem cell mobilizing agents and stem cell transplantations
10133949 synthetic data generation of time series data
10125037 a composition and method to reduce sediment and bacterial contamination from water
10119286 a wave propagation apparatus
10121212 a system and method for transportation demand management
10116159 family of isolated battery energy storage system (BESS) with multiple functions for DC grid application
10115276 a portable security surveillance device

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