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Trademark Scam Barks up Wrong Tree


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Last year our firm decided to take our own advice and protect our brand name and logo.  Like all trademark applicants, our filing and data became public record within weeks and fodder for Internet scams.

The UPTS….an acronym strikingly similar to USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) sent us “Registration of the International Trademark” renewal form which looked very official with a bar code over our registration number, publication date and international classification.  The amount for this renewal came to $2,485.08 (each).  Luckily, we had three options to pay:

  1. A bank wire to the Solvak Republic;
  2. A check to the Czech Republic; or
  3. Online payment which doesn’t work and tells you to use bank wire or check:


Conducting an NSlookup on the website resolved a URL of  The website is indeed located in the Czech Republic, specifically Brno which is the second largest city in the Czech Republic.

Obviously, we’ve added UPTS to our list of other trademark scams and expect clients to start faxing these over to us asking if they are legitimate.  Here are the UPTS scam letters:

Scam letter from UPTS for bogus trademark renewalAnother scam letter from UPTS for bogus trademark renewal

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