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Patent: Track I Accelerated Examination

Smith Hopen Intellectual Property Term Glossary Definition for Patent: Track I Accelerated Examination
Prioritized examination is a procedure for expedited review of a patent application for an additional fee.  The goal for prioritized examination is to provide a final disposition within twelve months of prioritized status being granted.  However, as of October 2012 the actual timeframe is less than half (5.19 months).  For our personal experience in Track I prioritized examination see this account.

The annual limit to Track I cases is 10,000 per year but the USPTO has authority to increase that limit. Both the published statistics and our personal experience with Track I cases has been uniformly positive. Objectively, there are few circumstances in which a Track I case would not lead to greater value and ultimate cost savings. However, this depends on whether patent counsel and the university are willing, able or even capable of maintaining the momentum of expedited prosecution. If you commit to a Track I case….go “all-in” to get the true benefit.

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