Intellectual Property Forms and Circulars

Losing rights to your invention by delay in filing your patent application Dangers of Delaying Patent Filing
Flowchart of Federal Trademark Registration in the United States Trademark Process Flowchart
Proper Use of a Federal Trademark Registration - Fact Sheet Using Registered Trademarks
FDA Label Compliance Guide FDA Label Compliance
Avoiding mutilation of a trademark - how to use the trademark property for statement of use, allegations of use, renewals and declarations of use.Trademark Specimens
Determining Whether to Institute a Trademark Search and Opinion Searching Trademarks
Trademark Questionnaire - Fillable PDF.  Copyright 2008 Smith Hopen PA Trademark Submission Form
Copyright Questionnaire - Word 2010 FormatCopyright Submission Form
Work for hire agreement - execute to own copyright developed by an independent contractorWork for Hire Agreement for Copyright
Protection of Architectural Works by Copyright - Building Plans, Elevations, Etc.Protecting Building Plans and Designs (Architectural Works)
Protection of Software by CopyrightCopyrighting Software Code
Third Party Submissions of References under the AIA effective Sept 16 2012Third Party Submissions
Combined Inventor Declaration and Assignment Form - Post September 16, 2012 AIA Rule FormatCombined Inventor Declaration and Assignment Form (only for filings after Sept. 16, 2012)
Fees for National Entry into the United States
National Entry into the United States from Foreign Countries
How to Trademark Clothing Brands in the United States How to properly label apparel/clothing with your trademark.
Do not delay in responding to patent office actions
Benefits to responding quickly to patent office actions.
Advanced Patent Prosecution Strategies - 2013
Advanced patent prosecution strategies 2013
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF Fillable)
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (PDF Fillable)

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