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Smith & Hopen represents clients world-wide in a practice limited exclusively to intellectual property law including patents, trademarks and related litigation.  The firm is one of the largest IP practices in the State of Florida and represents clients ranging from independent inventors to Fortune 100 institutions.  All attorneys at Smith & Hopen are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

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    New - USPTO Issues Guidance on Patent-Eligible Subject Matter (35 U.S.C. 101)

    , Smith & Hopen, PA ( ) As many software-related inventors can attest, patent protection can be difficult to obtain for software applications. Most software-related patent applications are rejected by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examiners, particularly under 35 U.S.C. § 101 – the statute th... read full article

    Six Questions for Building a Brand

    , Smith & Hopen, PA ( ) 1.      Is your brand already in use by another? When creating a brand, it is important to verify that there are no other similar brand names used in connection with similar goods/services. The existence of multiple brand names could cause consumer confusion and pote... read full article

    Supreme Court and Patent Death Squad

    , Smith & Hopen, PA ( ) Inter Partes Review (IPR) is an administrative proceeding before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). IPRs are generally an 18-month process in which a petitioner seeks invalidation of a patent based on prior publication (e.g., “prior ar... read full article

    Track One Prioritized Patent Examination—Cut to the Front of the Line

    , Smith & Hopen, PA ( ) Under a typical examination by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the process of receiving an issued patent can take several years. For example, the average time before receiving a first office action (communication on the merits of application) is about 18 months. Moreov... read full article

    Using Sovereign Immunity of Public Universities to Avoid IPR Proceedings?

    , Smith & Hopen, PA ( ) As many patent owners are already aware, issued patents often face challenges to validity, even after examination by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In the past, such challenges were filed exclusively in the federal court system. However, the passage of the America Inv... read full article

    Patent Office Denies Staggered IPR Proceedings

    , Smith & Hopen, PA ( ) On September 6, 2017, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) issued an opinion denying the institution of subsequent sets of inter partes reviews (IPRs) filed after the denial of an initial set of IPRs. See General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. V. Canon Kubushiki Kaisha, Case IPR2016-01357 ... read full article

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Recently Awarded Patents

    Patent Client Invention
    a machine type communication interworking function proxy
    a positive displacement inductive pump
    an infant support device
    a multi-source, multi-scale counting in dense crowd images
    a method for providing roaming services in which the home network uses S8HR model for out-bound roaming while the visited network uses LBO model for in-bound roaming
    thin insulation coatings by sol-gel method
    a laparoscopic tool with obturator
    a device and method for treating retinal detachment
    a substrate-mimetic AKT inhibitor
    a modular multilevel DC-DC converter and associated method of use
    a firearm suppressor adapter
    enhancement of photocatalytic effect with surface roughness in photocatalytic reactors
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Recently Issued Trademarks

Registration Mark Registrant
HECM FOR PURCHASE CERTIFIED for mortgage and banking services, namely, home equity conversion mortgage for purchase services Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC.
FLORIDA POLY for clothing, namely, blouses, bottoms, head wraps, hoods, infant and toddler one pieces, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, ties and tops Florida Polytechnic University.
FLORIDA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY for clothing, namely, blouses, bottoms, head wraps, hoods, infant and toddler one pieces, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, ties and tops Florida Polytechnic University.
MAUSOTRAY for plastic containers specially adapted for transporting caskets formed of a polymer material; protective plastic trays specially adapted for caskets formed of a polymer material; plastic trays specially adapted for caskets for protecting the base of a casket formed of a polymer material; plastic trays specially adapted for caskets for collecting fluids seeping from a casket VKM International, Inc..
ROGHNU for information technology consulting services Roghnu, Inc..
"B' Logo for continuing medical education courses and workshops in the field of dizziness and balance disorders The American Institute of Balance, Inc..
NATURE POD for water-soluble packets containing multi-purpose cleaners AquaChemPacs, LLC.
PRECOVERY for compression garments for athletic or other non-medical use, namely, compression socks, stockings, leggings, jerseys, vests, trousers, shorts, elbow sleeves, and body sleeves, each of the foregoing having removable thermal elements that are sold as a component with the garment Snapbac, LLC.
SAFEPRISON for personal coaching services in the field of self-defense, linguistics, prison integration, behavioral reconditioning, and asset management Safe Prison, LLC.
JACK PACS for chemical agents for chelating and sequestering Jack's Magic Products, Inc..
DRESS THE POPULATION BRIDAL for dresses Frank & Adam Apparel, LLC.
SECUREMENU for computer application software for desktop computers and portable computing tablets, namely, software for sales presentations and transaction reporting of automobile finance and insured products StoneEagle Services, Inc..
TARA MARIE for entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable online videos, webcasts and podcasts in the field of fitness, health and wellness Tara Marie, Inc..
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