Patents Issued to Our Clients

Patent No.Filing DateIssue DateAssigneeMemo
96824924/7/20146/20/2017Infinity Cutting Tools, Inc.a lock miter set-up jig
96755779/21/20156/13/2017University of South Floridacompositions and method for producing elevated and sustained ketosis
967953912/1/20166/13/2017Aztec Securities LLCreal-time presentation of geolocated entitites for emergenc response
96625248/29/20165/30/2017CPY 2 LLCa golf training apparatus
96657968/4/20145/30/2017University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.a system and method for visual correlation of digital images
96626837/28/20155/30/2017Inventive Solutions, LLCa hand-held tank for cleaning chandeliers
96663425/20/20165/30/2017University of South Floridamagneto-dielectric polymer nanocomposites
96558009/16/20165/23/2017Salvus Transportare, LLCa support apparatus with double roller assembly
96591604/22/20155/23/2017University of South Floridaa system and method for authentication using multiple devices
96565129/24/20155/23/2017Ellis Graphics, Inc.cirumferential magnetic device covers and methods of manufacture
96491209/29/20145/16/2017University of South Floridaa minimally invasive surgery platform attachment apparatus
965297412/21/20155/16/2017Sureview Systems, LLCa heuristic electronic monitoring security device association
96426436/24/20145/9/2017SonicSurg Innovations, LLCa device for minimally invasive tendon sheath release having sliding blade
96363112/4/20165/2/2017University of South FloridaN,N'-DI-1 naphthylguanidine HCL (NAGH) and N,N'-DI-P-nitrophenylguanidine HCL (NAD) treatment for stroke at delayed timepoints
96365608/12/20165/2/2017CPY 2 LLCa baseball training apparatus
962965010/2/20154/25/2017University of South Floridaa small diameter laparoscopic tool having releasable tip
96355389/28/20164/25/2017Syniverse Technologies, LLC a method for determining inbound roaming traffic market share on cellular networks
962965112/4/20144/25/2017University of South Floridaa device for the treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
96228426/30/20164/18/2017University of South Floridarodent immobilization apparatus and method of use thereof
962634111/21/20064/18/2017Syniverse Communications, Inc.a method of and system for displaying mobile messages in unsupported formats

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