Intellectual Property Glossary

AFCP Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Allowance (patent) Non-transitory Media
Amendment (patents) Obviousness
Anticipation Official Gazette
Assignment (Copyright) Patent
Attorney-Client Privilege Patent application
Best Mode Patent Cooperation Treaty
Board of Appeals Patent Drawings (amending)
C.A.F.C. Patent Infringement
C.F.R. Patent Infringement: Contributory
Cease and Desist letter Patent Infringement: Indirect
Certification mark Patent Marking
CIP Patent Application Patent Misuse
Claim Patent Pending
Claim Chart Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)
Clearance Search Patent Troll
Collective Mark Patent: Track I Accelerated Examination
Common law trademarks Patent: Types
Compilations (Copyright) Patents for Humanity
Composition of Matter Prejudgment interest
Conception Preliminary Injunction
Continuation Advantages Presumption of Validity
Continuation in Part (CIP) Prior art
Copyright Prosecution
Deceptive Trademarks Prosecution History Estoppel
Declaratory Judgment lawsuit Provisional Patent Application
Deferred Prosecution (Patents) PTO
Design Patent Publications
Design Patent Accelerated Examination Reduction to practice
Divisional application Reexamination
Domain Name Dispute Resolution Registered Patent Attorney
Domestic Representative (Trademarks) Request For Continued Examination
Double Patenting Restriction requirement
Enablement Right To Use Search
Ensnarement Defense (patents) Service Mark
Estoppel Small Entity
Examiner Specification
Examiner's Action Specimen
Expiration of Patent Status Identifers (patent amendments)
Fair Use (copyright) Statute of Limitations
False Advertising (Lanham Act) Statutory Bar
False Patent Marking Statutory invention registration
Famous Trademark Factors (Federal) Statutory Subject Matter
Famous Trademark Factors (Florida) Summary Judgment
Federal Circuit Terminal Disclaimer
First Action Interview Program TESS
Formal drawings The Paris Convention
Functional Claim (patent) TMEP
Generic Misspellings (Trademark) Trade Secret
Inequitable Conduct (Patents) Trademark
Information Disclosure Statement Trademark Registration Benefits
Intellectual Property Trademark Registration Symbol
Inter Partes Review Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB)
Interference Trademark: Counterfeiting
Interstate commerce Trademark: Infringement
Invention Trademark: Intent to Use
Inventor/Mechanic Agreement Trademarks: Anti-Trafficking in ITU
Inventor's Notebook Trademarks: Likelihood of Confusion (11th Cir.)
Knock-out reference Trademarks: Likelihood of Confusion (8th Cir.)
Laches Trademarks: Phonetic Similarity
License Trademarks: Renewal
Maintenance Fee Trademarks: Supplemental Register (benefits)
Means Plus Function (patent claims) Trademarks: Supplemental Register (limitations)
Mechanic U.S.C.
Merely Descriptive Unified Patent Court
Missing Parts Pilot Visual Artist Rights Act
New application for old product Willful infringement
New Matter Work for Hire (Copyright)

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